Michelle Schwab, One Perfect Day Weddings

All my life I used to wake up feeling anxious and nervous about the day ahead.  Now, after coaching with Andrea, I wake calm and rested.  I have the tools to help me move past any negative emotions that don’t

Aimee Kackley

I started our working together not certain what to expect.  The self discovery has been gentle and multifaceted, I find myself more willing to sit with discomfort because of the tools and wisdom you shared. At the start, I talked

Meg, Simply Organized By Meg

Andrea turns on the lightbulb in your head and helps you see the obvious. Once she taught me to recognize my limiting beliefs and energy drains, which were preventing me from achieving maximum success, my business plan instantly became clearer,

Rosetta Magdalen, The Dynamic Divorcee

I just had a life-changing experience. No, I mean a *real* life-changing experience. You know how that sometimes happens when you least expect it, and then you’re awestruck. In just a few minutes, bam! Andrea instinctively got to the heart

Professional Actress

I am a professional actress and was experience debilitating stage fright the likes of which I had never encountered. My heard was pounding before entrances, I was forgetting lines and I was terrified of being fired. After two hours coaching

Emily G.

Andrea is a genuine healer–the real deal–someone who is able to hold sacred space through the gift of profound presence. After my first session with her, I felt lighter and able to separate from dark, damaging thoughts that were keeping

Staci Page Oien, Take Sanctuary

Andrea helped me transform fear into profit in just one session! She helped me identify some things I hadn’t even realized about myself with such loving spirit and presence, I felt completely at ease and comfortable going to that place.

Gloria Velez

I am deeply grateful to Andrea for having guided us with great wisdom and dedication during a difficult time, and for helping us find again the momentum and the strength that we needed to continue moving forward with our mission.

Amy Davis

One of Andrea’s many gifts include that she truly does see and connect to your highest self. Her commitment to being aware of and honoring your best self then naturally deepens your own attention to it, as well, gently inviting