Vibrations Coaching: Searching Inner Wisdom for Answers that Don’t Come, at the Edge of the Abyss, Loneliness, Fear, Darkness, ShadowsIn spite of so many years of practicing and teaching that we have everything we need, that Inner Wisdom provides all the answers we seek, I still sometimes find myself confronted with the echoing silence of no answers. And that initial emptiness still shakes my confidence and leaves me trembling and tentative, edging my way back from what my perceptions recognize as a dark abyss.


It’s a frightening, lonely place to be.  I never feel well equipped to be there.


And maybe that’s because I’m not supposed to be equipped, because so much equipment sometimes buffers us too completely from experiencing What Is. And we are truly here for that experience, regardless what we do with it.


Still, when I am standing at the edge of the depths, the shadows like a veil pulled over me, I wish there were someone who knew better, someone more experienced and wise, who could be my witness when my questions are answered only with silence.


Someone who would tell me that this echoing emptiness is only a sliver of the whole, that all I need is to take one more breath in, and then another, and maybe yet another, because the answers are always there, just not yet within the reach of my grasping awareness. I just need to live a little more, experience What Is for slightly longer, so that Life can call up the answers with me, camouflaged in the bright sunshine yellows of daily life and the oranges of companionship, the forest greens of solitude.


But there IS no other who knows better, who has something more that I don’t.  And so, I am here, with my Self, listening, and speaking.


Now You

Is there something you need to hear, perhaps from your Self?


Share here, if you are inclined.


Or write yourself a letter, or sing the message in a song.  Have fun with it!








Sometimes the Answers Don’t Show Up
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