VibrationsCoaching: cup of warm tea for comfort Hello, lovely, how are you feeling today?   With all the swirling energy after the US elections, I have been finding shelter and strength in the embrace of community, and I want to extend my own warmth to you, directly, today, so that you, too, feel embraced and sheltered.

Yesterday I watched a radiant friend in her full Warrior Mother energy telling me how galvanized she feels by this election. It was refreshing, inspiring to feel the integrity and the power of her clarity!
But I could not experience in myself that same energy that she was bringing. My energy feels different. Which got me checking in about my own energy, asking myself what it feels like, what it’s telling me.
In the process of checking in, I learned the real question that needs answering is: Who do I want to be, who am I being called to be, right now, in this historical moment, within the community/communities that I have built or belong to?


When we tap into the Wisdom Within, we can get true answers, grounded in integrity and wholeness.  We can circumvent self-righteousness and small self’s limited thinking and fear.
Because, you see, there is the paralyzing, deadening fear and the boiling-away-into-steam rage that leave us exhausted and helpless, or surrounded by ashes. And then there is the kind of fear and indignation that serve us: honing our clarity about the boundaries we need to hold, what we are called to protect, and the kinds of energies we are called to invoke.
I knew, as soon as I asked who I want to be, that I am called to be a fire-starter: helping others find the Soul spark of who they are called to be, fanning it with their own Wisdom, taking aligned action.
So I am here now, extending you the invitation to quiet down and check in with your own energy, noticing what it feels like, how it fluctuates, what it teaches. Quiet down, and listen closely for the answer to the questions:
Who do you want to be, who are you called to be, at this unique historical juncture?  What is required of you to become that?
I know that small self can threaten to take over, keep you from hearing the answers. Please let me support you if that is the case. Text, message, email, call— whatever feels easiest. Know that I CAN help, that I am grateful to be called to do so.
And share with me your answers. Each one, unique to you, is a source of inspiration and joy to me, regardless of how grandiose or modest it is!
Tell me, too: how can I support you in fanning the Soul spark of who you are called to be?  A single conversation? A small group to work on taking the next step and the next? Individual coaching? I am eager to help!

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