Vibrations Coaching: When we don't even know what's keeping us stuckHave you found yourself feeling thankful for clarity about what you need to be working on? 


I have a dear friend, whose daughter has had trouble reading throughout elementary school, in spite of everyone’s best efforts to help her improve over the years.  When they were finally referred for advanced eye testing and were told she had specific eye conditions, that clarity was a relief. There were names for it and  protocols to follow.


When I started my Reiki practice, I taught myself all the things I needed to do to get clients. But nothing seemed to work and I could only blame myself for not being able to figure out what was in my way.  It was an enormous relief to learn about the concept of limiting beliefs and discover the obstacles in my subconscious mind! It was an uphill road from there, lots of work and more learning to be done, but at least I could see the path with clarity.


Breaking the Impasse

One of my clients felt powerfully called to explore her spiritual gifts, and equally powerfully resisted the call.  She couldn’t explain it to herself, but the tension was beginning to affect the way she lived her day-to-day life. She didn’t know how to even begin to address it, but she knew she had to.


Together, we broke through the impasse by looking at the “not knowing” straight on.  That alone would have helped her begin to move out of her stuckness, but pairing it with the energy work of Tapping, she had a profound insight about her immediate family’s spiritual values and the connection to the trauma some of her ancestors with spiritual gifts had suffered.

Now You

I am sharing with you the Tapping Script we used.  But before I do that, take my invitation to use this moment to create a sacred space of inquiry for yourself.  Quiet your body and your thoughts. Take a few clearing breaths, exhaling distraction, tension, and all that doesn’t serve you in this moment. Inhale quiet, serenity, clarity. 


Ask yourself if there is any “not knowing” in your consciousness, any spaces where you are not clear about something.  If something arises, pay attention to your body as a source of clues, and ask yourself if that not knowing is serving you well at this time. (Sometimes, not knowing is an invitation to curiosity; sometimes it is a space for knowing to grow. These processes do not benefit from trying to speed them up, so give yourself permission to rest in the not knowing.)  If not knowing is not serving you, then follow the script, below.


If you are unfamiliar with Tapping, use this resource to follow the script.

Set up:

Take a few deep, clearing breaths. Give the intensity of your “not knowing” and the feelings it creates in your body a number from 0 -10.  Tap on the karate chop, repeating three times: Even though I don’t even know what’s in my way, I love and accept myself and how I feel.


Round 1, The Issue:

Eyebrow: Even though I don’t even know what’s in my way,

Side of the eye: I feel so stuck.

Under the eye: I know there’s something,

Nose: but I just don’t know what it is.

Chin: This not knowing,

Collarbone: I feel it (name how it feels or the place in your body where you feel it).

Under arm: Something is getting in my way

Rib: and I just don’t know what it is.

Top of  head: Even though I don’t really know what is standing in my way


Round 2, Release:

Eyebrow: I accept myself and how I feel.

Side of the eye: I am safe in this moment,

Under the eye: and it is safe to feel safe,

Nose: safe to be aware of what is going on with me.

Chin: It is safe to release this “not knowing.”

Collarbone: I don’t know what’s getting in my way

Under arm: and that’s okay, I can release it anyway.

Rib: I don’t have to hold onto not knowing, or wanting to know.

Top of  head: I can release “not knowing,”


Round 3: Transformation

Eyebrow: and give myself permission to feel free.

Side of the eye: Free to be,

Under the eye: free to know.

Nose: I choose to open myself to new possibilities of safe exploration

Chin: I open myself to new possibilities of safe discovery.

Collarbone: I give myself permission to be open to a new experience with this.

Under arm: I am grateful that I am free to choose, to allow,

Rib: I am free to collaborate with the whole of myself.

Top of  head: I open myself to new possibilities of clarity, deep knowing, and awareness.


Take a few deep, clearing breaths.  Check in now, acknowledge any thoughts that came up through the Tapping.  Did new topics come up to tap on? If so, create a new setup and go through the cycles on that topic. 


Otherwise, notice how intensely you feel you the “not knowing” and give it a number between 0 and 10, compared to the first number, earlier. Notice if you feel resistance in your body. If you still have resistance or the number is high, you can do a few more rounds, speaking to what is coming up for you or any “yes, buts” that came up as you tapped.  If you can’t get the number below a 3, let me know so I can help.


Do you want to dive more deeply into the subconscious limits of your mind? I currently have two openings for coaching.  Schedule a complimentary call and we can talk about what that could look like specifically for you.


Whether you are diving into something to work on or floating in not-knowing, whether it feels comfortable or not, I honor where you are and celebrate your awareness of that place, knowing that the wisdom with you and in Life is guiding you perfectly.



When We Don’t Even Know What’s Keeping Us Stuck
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