A lone centered sunflower, staying peaceful and groundedThe past months were busy and overly full with the regular already heavy schedule for my family, as well as additional activities, responsibilities and emotional work around 8th grade graduation from a close knit school community, and preparations for my son’s Bar Mitzvah (which, although it was small and simple, still required a lot of time and coordination).  It could have been a reactive time that left me depleted.  And I certainly had my moments of exhaustion, make no mistakes about it.

The advantages of “too much”

But for the most part, all that fullness really served me to open up more and more to the blessings it brought.  I had to ask for help (which doesn’t often occur to me) and when I did, I was overcome with gratitude for all the ways that it manifested.  I had to stay very focused, which forced me to keep front and center what all the effort was truly about. I had limited energy and resources, so I had to make everything really count.

The Outcomes were out of my hands

In another time, living another, former life, the fact that I didn’t get the needed permits to hold the celebration as planned until 2 days before the event (when family from out of town were already arriving) would have thrown me into a cycle of anxiety and despair with a sprinkling of blinding migraines thrown in. But not in this life I’m living. I was able to let what was out of my hands play out without driving myself crazy in the meantime.

Reiki had a lot to do with that. And my daily meditation on aligning with my True Self, instead of the crazy-making mind games I so often believe are real. It has been a process of learning and growing, which I have written about before. That made my relative peace possible. And when I needed a little more, I also had Tapping (and, below, I am linking to  my Tapping script as a gift for you).

Now You

Take a moment now and give yourself permission to stop for just a little bit, to slow down your thoughts and your breath, to relax your body and reach deep inside, and, in the sacred space that these lines and our shared intention create, allow yourself to notice the elements in your life that are out of your hands to control, and notice, too, which, if any, are draining your energy. Allow yourself to become conscious of how you can tap that drain; ask what would serve your greater good.

10th Anniversary Gift #2

I promised you some gifts to celebrate Vibrations’ 10 year anniversary, so here is the second one: a video of Tapping for staying centered and peaceful when we can’t control outcomes as we wish.  It has served me well and I trust it will do the same for you, as you follow and tap along. Bookmark it if you don’t feel you need it now, it’s sure to come in handy.

A New Offering

A few of you have shared with me that you would like some guidance with Tapping, without wanting to make the bigger commitment to full-fledged coaching. As a result, on a trial basis, I am available for Tapping, in single sessions or in value packages of three sessions. Email or call me to schedule your session.

Let me know what came up in the deepening practice, as well as how the script works for you.  And make the most of your summer!

When the Outcomes are Out of My Hands
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