Vibrations Coaching: butterfly by don sharpYou know how life sometimes throws a wrench in your plans? I was tempted to feel that way this week! But that wrench was really the result of a powerful intention. And you could conclude that the theme of my writing is going to be “be careful what you pray for,” but that’s not where I am headed!

As you may know, I was on vacation last week, and that was just after a fabulous business growth meeting that left me, literally, with a four-page list of delicious plans and ideas to implement. I have been raring to go! BUT, knowing myself, knowing how excited I could get with all the new information I would get from that meeting, I had firmly set the intention to go slow, to check in with myself, and stay out of overwhelm, firmly in my center.

See, I love my work! I love that it requires building relationships with delightful people like you, who honor me by letting me into your life and inspire me with your inner light. I love that my work requires that I step (little by little) out of my comfort zone, that I keep growing and learning. I want to get right to it!

Here’s the wrench

I’m back to my normal life now, and the urge to “get right to it” is looking like the temptation to get into overwhelm. But here’s where life is supporting my intention with what looks like a wrench: I have been called to jury duty tomorrow! And I can resist it, kick the ground and feel rudely interrupted.

Or, I can recognize it as an unexpected reminder of my intention to stay centered, an invitation to be present and in flow, allowing life to unfold. It is a chance to feel gratitude for a justice system that (I see as deeply flawed, but that) at it’s core represents some of my deepest values. It’s an opportunity to feel alignment with my highest self.

I don’t know what the experience will bring me tomorrow, but I do intend that it will be another form of enrichment and fulfillment for me.

Now You

Taking this sacred space that we create in these lines together, and a few moments to reflect, where are the wrenches in your plans today? What are the interruptions for your idea of how your life should be?

How can then be opportunities for centering, gratitude, alignment?

If it feels right , please know that I love it when you share your reflections with me!

And if you are feeling overwhelmed, and unable to find center, this is an invitation to reach out to me.

When Life Throws in a Wrench
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