VibrationsCoaching:Forest ViewDo you live an inner-directed life? What does that mean to you? (I really want to know!)

Living a Soul-directed life requires attentiveness, even vigilance, and a willingness to see what is present, to follow where we are led. Because the signs that guide us are all around, but we have to recognize them and make sense of them.

I am, right now, in the midst of acknowledging the signs, making sense of them. I don’t yet know what they are saying, exactly. But I do need to be open, more curious, more alert than usual.

The advantage of living “awake” for a few decades is that I have gained confidence in the process; I have experienced it enough to know that, stepping out in trust will bring me home wth more than I envisioned possible.

Today, then, I am very still and quiet, sitting in the forest, blending in with the color of mud and fallen leaves, wishing to invite shy intuitions to enter this clearing. Open to feeling my curiosity, and let it lead me gently towards the new directions I am called to.

The prospect of “being led” has many times aroused paralyzing fear. But, again, experience is my friend. I know, this time, that the fear has always been much worse than the journey. That means that, if I am called, then I can consider myself equipped, ready.

How are you leading an inner-directed life? How do you feel led? Are you resisting following your own intuitions? Comment to share your thoughts or experience, or contact me directly if you would like some of my insight.

What is an Inner-Directed Life?
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