Vibrations Coaching: ReflectionsIt took a very long time for me to be ready to write, ready to begin this blog for my coaching clients. There are two reasons for that. The first is my deep awareness of all that I don’t know, and the false belief that, in order to share anything of use, any wisdom, I should or could aspire to know it all.

That belief, by the way, comes from my very loud small self, working over-time to keep me quiet, safe, in a small, dark corner, out of the light.

In order for me to be able to write here, in order to answer my Soul’s calling and offer you something that may serve you, you and I need to agree that there is much that I don’t know. This agreement means, then, that I can turn my attention from what I don’t know, and focus on what I do know. I can focus on what I have experienced to be true and of service.

For me, that means I can free myself of the weight of unreasonable expectation, and gently quiet the voice of my small self, that is always asking me to explain and explicate what cannot be understood with my mind alone.

Do you recognize yourself in any aspect of this? Does it resonate in any way? How does your small self try to keep you “safe”?

What I Don’t Know, Silenced Me
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