Vibrations Coaching: Labyrinth
Photo credit: Jennifer Barron Fishman

I come to you again, to open sacred space and time together through this post, so that both of us (and anyone you care to share it with) can open ourselves to feeling the resonance of the ineffable, of our Spirit’s truth, in our form.

So breathe a few clearing breaths and allow yourself to feel your energy settling as you do. Today, I bring you the questions that came to me while drawing a labyrinth. My friend Jennifer Barron Fishman, from, Sweetpeas Studio in Chicago, taught me how to make it after we walked one together in the sand this summer. (There are instructions here, if you want to learn, too!)

Drawing my own labyrinth requires concentration, focus, and determination- all of which fed my intellect and kept my conscious mind busy. When I finished, my mental energy was nourished enough that I could run my finger between the lines in quiet surrender, allowing what lay in my subconscious mind to float into awareness.

And what I noticed is that the labyrinth, this ancient technology, mirrors the rhythm of my body’s cycling, and the spiraling inward to center, then moving outward to the periphery and back again, that is the constant flow of awareness and the dancing movement of life’s cycles.

The labyrinth gifted me with questions that helped me notice that I have been very much in outward mode, walking the circumference of my life, and am turning back again, to the core. In this place, I need solitude and silence again.

These are the questions I was gifted with, and I offer them in turn to you: Where are you now in the labyrinth that is your life? Is your awareness at the core or in the periphery? What does this mean for you now, at this precise juncture? What are you needing? How can you honor yourself in this place, even as you continue cycling onward?

I trust that these questions and your answers for them bring you gifts of awareness, centeredness, and renewed connection to your deepest Self. I invite you to share what they bring up for you, if you feel called to do so! And I hold for you, as well as for myself, that we are more fully present, and therefore richer, in our now moments, as we continue on with our lives, sharing our gifts and our energy with the world.

Walking the Labyrinth of Life
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