Vibrations Coaching: Saguaro by David DyetI am enjoying a little time away from the cold of the midwest, visiting my parents in Arizona, but the warmth I am feeling doesn’t only come from the outside. I hope you are feeling the warmth of friendship and connection, too.

An unexpected Gift for the Giver

A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling excited and juicy and generous, wanting to support my fellow-students in my business program, after our challenging-but-enriching quarterly meeting. I decided to gift them with an on-line group session that required me to stretch in many ways, get way out of my comfort zone in various ways, most specifically: depending on technology. The long and the short of it is that it was a bust and I was not able to offer the delicious experience I was hoping to.  I was left feeling pretty depleted, overall lousy, and just defeated.

When I recovered my breath enough to look around, I realized that for all my excitement to offer a rich gift to others, I had really created a perfect scenario to receive a huge gift, myself. And that gift was the beautiful and unexpected presence of so many beautiful people who showed up to support me, who gifted me with their positive vibrations, who reminded me, just by being there, that they appreciate and believe in me, whether or not I bust or bloom. And had it not been for this “failure,” I would not even know they were there for me in that way.

I am still buzzing with the gratitude I feel for this bundle of gifts I have received.

Now You

And I am left with two questions that I invite you, too, to consider, in the sacred space that you and I build together in these lines:

What sources of support and encouragement am I unaware that I have?

For whom am I an unexpected uplifter?

Just asking the questions does something for your energy.  Please share with me what that feels like for you.

And if you want to learn to find the inner resources that allow you to recover from a blow to the ego, like my failed event, and find the blessings hidden in it, I invite you to connect with me about it.


Photo by David Dyet

Unacknowledged Support
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