Vibrations Coaching: Turbulent skiesThere seems to be so much breakdown around me, I am seeing a lot of darkness, in spite of the lengthening days. There have been great losses to people I care about, to people who don’t seem to be equipped.

When breakdown occurs, the wise part of me knows that my work is to release my resistance to what is occurring. My work is to feel my feelings, and also to remind myself to be in Allowing, which is to say, in alignment with the deeper, spiritual energy of what is occurring, in trust and faith that there is meaning there, even if I cannot understand.

My wisest Self knows that there CAN be peace and joy, even in grief, loss, pain.

A small aspect of me learned along the way that it is somehow wrong to experience anything positive in those situations. So self-judgment can make the process more painful and harsher.

But part of the work is to  work through the beliefs that keep me from what my deepest wisdom knows, to be able to reach that place of trust, even if my mind cannot grasp how that is possible.

When I can do this, I am more able to be present to my Self, more able to harvest the gifts of the painful situation, and more able to support those who lean on me.

I don’t always remember this. Sometimes it takes time, or reading something I have written, like this post. Sometimes I need to seek out support to remember what I know is true.

Now You

In the sacred space of these words, that you and I create together, allow yourself to be still and connect to your own Wisdom. I invite you to ask: What are your beliefs about meaning? And trust? About being able to experience peace, even in grief? How do you remember what you know is true?

I hope that these words speak to you somehow, that they resonate. If you wish to share your reflections or reactions, you know I love to hear from you!  As always, I am happy to be a resource to help you discover and remember what you know is true.

What is True, Even in Breakdown
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