Photo by John DeBoer
Photo by John DeBoer

It’s a lovely fall day, and yet, I want to talk to you about discomfort?  Yes. It’s not something I often choose willingly (talking about it, or experiencing it). And yet, when I am aware that my Soul is calling me to do something, so often it is calling me to step into discomfort!

Believe me, I relish comfort as much as the next person! I even go to certain effort to create it for myself. But this year, I have been called to step out of comfort more than I want to count! And in many different ways, from my relationship with my husband and kids, to taking a leap and going to Business School, and even in leading a group in Delving Deep beyond the conscious mind.

All of this has taught me some important things about discomfort, starting with the fact that we can expand our tolerance for it, and that it is desirable to do so. Why? Not just because discomfort causes the awe-inspiring contrast of feeling vibrantly alive (which I admit I am loving), but because our greatness is truly attainable only outside our comfort zone.

In comfort, we don’t stretch, try out what is unfamiliar. We may even block our Knowing. But when we tell our Self, “I am willing to be challenged into discomfort,” we are also saying we are open to expanding our awareness of who we really are, of what is possible for us, and what our gifts can bring the world!

I remember when I was teaching Reiki and people would come to me wanting to learn, because they wanted to experience healing, peace, and alignment. And they did. But usually only after the energy created deep discomfort and upheaval—because growth often requires cleaning and clearing, and that means at least a temporary sense of discomfort.

So today I am celebrating my willingness to feel discomfort, even as my stomach churns while I write this. It’s hard for me to write to you about feeling vulnerable and taking leaps of faith. But I am actively expanding my tolerance for discomfort because my Soul calls me to be truthful, and I committed to you that in this sacred space I would be sincere.

Now it is my turn to ask you: How are you thriving in discomfort? Where could you begin to step beyond your comfort zone? What call from your Soul awakens such discomfort in you that you want to, or perhaps you do pretend that you haven’t heard it?  I would love to know!

You don’t have to do anything radical, just start with accepting your awareness of it. One step at a time, as slowly or quickly as you choose, you can move towards the gifts discomfort brings, move towards expressing your True Self even more.

And if you need support or you recognize the thoughts and beliefs are keeping you from doing it, I will be happy to chat with you about ways you can shift that. Just let me know!

The Gifts of Discomfort
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