VibrationsCoaching:Grass Reeds in Sunlight, aligned agreementsWe make agreements all the time, with others and ourselves. I have an agreement with my Self that I will only write Soul to Soul when I have something that feels worthwhile to share and I feel alignment. I wrote about that agreement in the first issue, putting it down in words that I could return to after the passage of time, to be reminded if I forgot. I also made another, tacit, agreement with you. Without explicitly specifying, I have led my readers to expect, from my behavior and my words now and then, that I will put something out here every two weeks.


Well, that last agreement, tacit as it has been, has been weighing on me for some time now. That is because agreements have energetic power. When we make them intentionally, mindfully, they help us sustain and keep them. Equally, when they become outdated, that power becomes an energy drain.


My writing has been asking me to change. Wait, let me re-phrase that. My Soul has been calling me to change. I am changing my sense of identity; in some ways, I am changing the form of my work; and I am changing what and how I write. I can’t say exactly what that will mean, I am still exploring.


But the energetic drain of an agreement I no longer want to keep needed to be addressed. So here’s the (new) deal: I am not going to write every two weeks as I have been doing for over four years. I will continue to write here, and I will continue to share what feels aligned, alive, and true. But I don’t know what the format will be like, and certainly not the frequency. Years ago, I wrote a blog that felt more like personal, prose poetry; what I have been writing here has always felt personal, but also somehow removed. For the time being, at least, I would like to be open to finding a cross between them, something more personal and also helpful. But even that feels constrained.


VibrationsCoaching; Flowers against a white sky

As I said, I am exploring. And, if you like, you can come along for the ride. Or not. Either way, I hope you are also open to exploring, to going on rides of your own.


Now You

Accept the invitation in the sacred space that these words and our shared intention creates, and quiet down your thoughts, notice the feelings in your body, let your energy settle. And ask, listening deeply, reverently:

  • what agreements do you have that feel empowering and nourishing?
  • which ones are draining or asking to be re-examined?
  • what do you learn in the asking?

Share your answers with me, please!


I am grateful for your presence and your own inner work, and I wish you peace and joy, and aligned agreements.

The Energy of Agreements
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