Brigitinne French

Andrea Friedmann is an amazing teacher and healer. Her work is divinely-inspired, culturally-sensitive, and spiritually-grounded. Above all, Andrea is able to recognize, communicate with, and connect you to your higher self. Brigitinne French, Iowa City, IA

Amy Pugh

I worked with Andrea for almost a year and could quickly see and feel huge differences in my life! Andrea is a very open and intuitive person. I trusted her right away (which is a rarity for me when I

Martin Bingham

She has helped me to identify several of the obstacles and behavior patterns that were inhibiting my personal and professional progress, and, hence, is the person to whom I turn whenever I need to think through difficult issues or to

Kathi Davis

I have known Andrea for many years but only recently started to work with her. Since I have always felt very comfortable with Andrea and her warm, stable energy, I decided to trust her with guiding me through a very

Dori Conn

I’ve known & worked with Andrea for the last two years.  Often I feel uncertain when she starts talking — I think because I sense that she can help me access my inner truth & self-knowledge which I never THINK

Irene Flores

Andrea Friedmann is a spectacular Speaker and Healer. She will make you feel your hidden energy, guide you to embrace all that is within you, and provide extra light to lead your way once you leave! Irene Flores, Puerto Rico

Carolyn Harrison

Every conversation we have exists for me in two ways: (1) Receiving wisdom through someone who is blessed, inspired by their work and is a blessing to others and (2) Feeling universal support, hearing it’s voice and recognizing that it

Kate Niklasson

Thank you for being so thoughtful, gentle, understanding, insightful and just generally an awesome teacher from whom I’ve already learned so much! I look forward to continuing our relationship. It’s very comforting to know that I can turn to you

Ellen Wood

When I met Andrea Friedmann, I immediately recognised that there is something unique about her, a special gift of insight that enhances her coaching. One of her major strengths is that she does not lecture you, nor does she try

Jackie Seiden

You give me the greatest gift that can be given; you give me the possibility to love myself.  I can soften my stance and dance. And when I stiffen, I can live that state and observe whatever comes from it.