Spiritual Companionship

Who You Are:

You are a caregiver, whether it is through your family or through your work, and you know you need to pace yourself and practice good self-care. You don’t fully subscribe to any particular religion, but you consider yourself a spiritual being. You feel great affinity for Nature, and it is a source of centering for you. You may even be partial to Earth-based spirituality and you feel reverence for all life. You may be somewhat familiar with Buddhism and Mindfulness techniques, and have read or learned from teachers of awareness and Presence. You may be extremely sensitive to people around you as well as to your environment, sometimes to the point of feeling allergic. You enjoy deep connection with other women and they see you as grounded, centered, self-aware.

What your issues tend to be:

You don’t really believe in issues, or solutions. You sometimes feel lonely, even with yourself, and you struggle to stay present and not get caught in the mind games your ego likes to play. You are sensitive to the impact other people can have on your energy, and find you need to counter some of the unconscious messaging you receive from mainstream culture. You yearn for spiritual companionship and aware presence in which to observe what you are drawn to and what your attachments are, to remember what you sometimes forget that you know. You don’t want to rehash every phase of your life or go to a therapist who will problematize whatever you present.

What you need most right now:

You know that you need a place to fill your cup; a regular, scheduled time, in the presence of a witness who can be present to you in mindful awareness, to sit with and observe what is arising in your consciousness as an attachment or challenge. You need a space in which to release what you observe no longer serves you, and, occasionally, the use of spiritual technologies to help you do that. You need a safe and sacred space in which to ask yourself the deep questions that do not come up in the business of day-to-day life, and a companion who will not impose an egoic framework on your experience but will be present to your experience and help you reflect and, when it is conducive to do so, will help you shift old patterns. Working with me can offer you all of this! (I came to call my work coaching through a process of elimination, because I could not find a precise word.) Contact me for a complimentary 20 minute exploratory call to discuss how I can provide you with the structure you need to connect with your Self in the deepest, most Soul nourishing way!