VibrationsCoaching:Bird in Spacious SkyIt’s the new year, so I cleared the energy in my office, lit my candle and my incense, played Deva Premal softly, and asked my Wisdom what the message is that I am to receive, and therefore to deliver, in this first entry of the year. 

I remembered words I had recently heard from Mooji on a podcast about our capacity for inner spaciousness, and the sensations caused by the birdsong I meditated to earlier today. I was reminded of the rich silence of the chill, early mornings of my childhood on the farm, when I rose before anyone else to walk in the dewy grass and feel oneness with all things.

In all those experiences, there’s a sense of energy slowing, of vitality somehow gathering closer, quieting down, but simultaneously strengthening. It’s a cleansing and a restoration that comes from stopping, refocusing.

And, yet, I feel so much resistance to stopping that way! And guilt, too, when I don’t get around to it. But if I can just gift myself with it, even for a couple of breaths, for minutes counted on my phone’s timer, I am so grateful afterwards, with the gratitude that reverberates in my cells, that opens my heart, residing in my body, not only in my mind.

Note to self: Remember

This is what I need to remember to turn to when I am overcome with urgency for some new turn in the political landscape, or another precariously perched to-do on my list. This is what can help me clarify the murkiness, align me with Higher Vision, empower me to right action.

I know that this year will require a new awakeness from me, and a new willingness to speak up and take action. It is my intention to take the opportunity that the new government of the US brings, to hold the Highest Vision for the nation and the world. I understand that this small act of quieting myself and feeling into the immensity within may be my most important tool to avoid reactivity and falling into the trance of fear, remembering the bigger truth that there are no Us and Them, and that I choose to have a role in making that real in the visible world of form.

Now You

Before I invite you to have an experience of spaciousness, let me ask what your thoughts are about conscious, awake right-action on the political front?  How do the principles of energy translate for us to show up as citizens of a country in conflict?  I sincerely welcome any of your thoughts on this, for I am actively chewing on these questions.

An experience of Inner Spaciousness

This, then, is my invitation for you to open up to your own experience of inner spaciousness. Think back for a moment to the times when you have felt somehow at one with the world. Where were you? What sensations did you feel at the time? 

Now take a moment to close your eyes and slow your breath, filling your lungs and emptying them fully. Let yourself slow down so that your energy seems to pull in around you, settling. Now, go to one of those moments you just remembered, and let your powerful mind give your body those same sensations now that you had then.  Let those memories and sensations, and your breath, fill you more and more, until you are overflowing, until your edges are blurred, and you are vast. Remain this way for as long as you like (or as long as you have allowed yourself, if you set a timer beforehand), enjoying the spaciousness that you are.

Take this experience with you into your day, and into your life, and may 2017 be a generous year, of spacious expansiveness for all that is good in your life.

Spacious Inside
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