I have been holding delicious conversations in the Holiday Strategy calls I mentioned last time, helping people create more meaningful, soul-filling holidays.


I do it because it’s a time full of expectation, busy-ness, and pressures that come from others as well as from ourselves. It’s the perfect pressure-cooker scenario to highlight some of the most salient ways that we shutter our own radiance and deny our Self expression. And you know, by now, that my passion and my deepest wish is for you to shine your brightest and express the Whole of You fully.


One salient factor I notice is that, as women, and especially if we are mothers, we feel reticent about fulfilling our own needs. The holidays become about others: the kids, our partners, the in-laws. It’s a season of giving, we hear all around.

And giving is always to others. Right?

No! Giving to your Self is not selfish, as the little voice of smallness may be saying. I love the way Barbara Spanny puts it in her book Sacred Success: it is self-ful. Giving to your Self is soulful and meaningful, and it is a beautiful way of modeling that this time is not only about things.

Because what we yearn for most is time with and for our Self, deep connection with our loved ones, an opportunity to touch the Mystery of Spirit.

The holidays we long for

The first step towards having the holidays we long for is giving ourselves permission to acknowledge what we would like.

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So I am inviting you now to take a moment for yourself in the sacred space that we create together in our intention through these words, and quiet your mind, slow your breathing, enter into a stiller state, and give yourself permission to become aware, to dream, and ask yourself deeply, without attachment, trusting that what comes up will serve you:

What does your Soul long for you to experience in the upcoming holidays? What does that look like, and feel like?

Let yourself feel it now, gift yourself with that experience, without falling down the rabbit hole of “but…”

The dream feels good, I know, but for some, it takes too much to be able to turn it into a reality. If you need help bringing that longing into your experience and we have not yet talked, I am opening up my few free slots of time for free Holiday Strategy calls, so please get in touch with me now to schedule yours.

I wish you a soulful, heart-opening Thanksgiving, whether you are in the U.S. and celebrating it, or you suddenly experience it spontaneously.

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Soulful Holidays
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