VibrationsCoaching: Shine your Heart LightIt’s the darkest season of the year, and a season full of activity.  I think of it as a season of joy and excitement, but also of challenges and drains.  For many of my clients over the years, this is a time of mixed emotions.

This year I am aware of how our rituals are changing, specially as my children grow. I feel challenged to find ways to spend time together as a family, really being with each other, what with so many widely diverging interests and teenage impatience. So this is a season for me to be even more conscious of the ways I am connecting with my family, but also with the wider world.

And what is connecting, in its purest form, if not the offer of the energy of essence, of love?  In that spirit, then, and in the spirit of gifting that Vibrations’ anniversary year offers us, I would like to invite you to experience the light in your heart, that energy of love and essence, and expand it as far as you desire, experiencing it as part of the one energy we all are together.  Here is that guided visualization, which I have previously shared, for you to listen to when you are able to open to it fully.

When my awareness of my heart’s light is fresh, then all the challenges I mentioned earlier are lessened, put into proportion through a greater truth of wholeness.

I would love to learn what helps you put your challenges in perspective! Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Enjoy a connected, loving end of the year, in all your celebrations, and welcome a fabulous 2018.  Know that I am celebrating your light!

Shine Your Heart Light: Charge and Radiate your Energy
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