Guidance and Companionship for Holding your Own, Personal, Spiritual Retreat


VibrattionsCoaching: Shape your Spiritual Retreat waterlily by Phil Edon



  • How long has it been since you really stopped everything and fully listened to the whole of your Self?
  • Do yearn to be more present in your life, to find meaning in the things you are occupied with?
  • Do you sense the call to open up to mystery and depth?

VibrationsCoaching: Guidance for your Spiritual Retreat, lotus

It’s time! Time to take personal, spiritual retreat.

Time to set aside a sacred time, apart from your daily activities and, even, your usual spiritual practices

It’s time to make space for quiet, to connect with your Soul and allow the wisdom of Higher Guidance (whatever you may call it) to come into your awareness.



The prospect is rich and delicious… and terrifying.


But DON’T WORRY, you don’t have to do it alone. In an intimate group, together, we will walk through the process of:


  • setting your intentions
  • calling in the energy of your retreat
  • creating sacred space for it
  • planning what you will do and how you will open up to Higher Guidance


VibrationsCoaching: Guidance for your Spiritual Retreat, lotus

I will help you avoid common pitfalls that can prevent you from fulfilling your retreat or experiencing its gifts.


Then, you will take your sacred time, while I hold space for you, available should you need further support. And when you are finished, we will come together to deepen and anchor the gifts of the experience.


“Inner truth & self-knowledge, I sometimes think can be scary or problematic, but Andrea helps me access them and  I just breathe & go along & it turns out meaningful, illuminating, helpful, insightful, gratifying & many other things.  ALWAYS hugely thankful that I didn’t bail.”

Open up to the guidance and experience  freedom, the capacity to be more fully your Self,  and  to be curious and open to what your precious life has to offer you right now, and in each moment.


Here are the details:

In Person:

All day, July 16th, beginning at 10:00 a.m.

in Wilmette, Illinois

$57 investment

Limited to 10 participants. 


All day, July 31, beginning at 10 a.m. Central Daylight Time

on your computer or mobile

$47 investment

Limited to 10 participants.


Questions? Contact me!