Vibrations Coaching: Search for Meaning, Stone Path by Colin Brough“How do I know what I am here for?” “How do I discover my dreams?” “How do I find my purpose?” I regularly get some version of these questions. Sometimes I ask them, myself. Do you? I recognize the yearning, the impatience of bringing deeper meaning into our awareness that the questions point to.

The Soul knows what we are here for, and it guides us gently along (or not-so-gently, when we won’t listen) in the direction we are best served to face. But whether we have one purpose or many, I cannot say.

We are all here to explore physical form, and that means being in the world, engaging in What Is, including relationships, work, day-to-day sustenance. We are also all here to remember our Self, and to love.

Deep within, we know who we are here to be. And it is engagement with that deep knowing, quieting the thoughts at the surface of the mind that can reveal new understanding and truths, provide guidance, discover resonance.

And it is also in being very present to Life, What Is, that the answers arise. What moves us to tears, what awakens joy or hope in our heart. And what woulds us, stirring the warrior within.

I recently began reading Jane Goodall’s book Seeds of Hope and she writes in it of her childhood enjoyment of the garden, her love of all things wild, the desire to experience life in the jungle. Is her purpose to save the chimpanzees? Or to inspire millions of people? To write a book that educates about the intelligence of plants? Or simply to follow, step by step, the path laid out by what awakens her passion?

Whatever your conclusion, she is a giant.

And so are you. So are we all, if we allow ourselves to be. If we choose passion and meaning, and conquer our smallness and fear.

Now You

In the sacred space that we create here together, through our attention and our intention, through these words we share, take a moment to quiet yourself and ask the following questions. Even if you are clear about your purpose and the meaning you give your life, I invite you to let the questions deepen your awareness.

What awakens your passion?

What do you love to think about, explore, and do?

What wounds you and awakens the warrior within you?

And finally, what are you doing about them? How are you engaging these elements? Are you following the path that they build for you?

If you are living your passions and joys, whether you have traveled far enough down the path to look back and, like Jane Goodall, recognize where it took you, or not, please share about it in the comments —this always inspires!

If you know that fear and self-doubt are keeping you from living a life with meaning, or if the questions bring up a sense of helplessness, impossibility or hopelessness, then let this be the sign that you have been waiting for. Take action! And contact me, know that I can help.

Photo: Stone Path by Colin Brough
Searching for Meaning
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