Vibrations Coaching: Bench by the riverCreating a Safe Space for Inner Work

Inner work is a form of learning, a form of exploring, a form of play. In order to do any of these things, we must be able to feel safe. That means that we must be able to find or create a space in which we know we can fully relax and completely focus on what we are doing.

Physical Space

Physically, the best space is one where we can withdraw from others. Preferably, there are walls and doors that can be closed to shield us, and sudden noises won’t penetrate the space.

Because these circumstances can be difficult to obtain, we aim for what we can get. I recommend finding at least a wall, tree trunk or some other solid object to put behind you or, if you are lying down, at your head (so there is one direction less to be unconsciously protecting).

When working out of doors, it can be helpful to imagine or draw a circle around you, with the intention of it keeping you safe.

Clearing the Space

This space you have chosen to work in, the room or the circle, needs to be cleared of energies that are not helpful for your work.

First, allow yourself to connect to the energy of the space. (And, if you don’t know how to do that, imagine what it would be like if you could.) Notice with your inner senses what the energy and the space feels, looks, sounds, smells like to you.

I use Reiki to clear space, and recommend rattling or smudging (the burning of sage or incense) for people who have not been attuned to Reiki. Be mindful, and clearly hold the intention of cleansing the energy as you do the smudging or rattling, circling the perimeter of the space numerous times.

Making the Space Sacred

When you feel that the space’s energy is cleared, walk the perimeter again, this time holding the intention of making the space energetically safe for your work, of making it sacred. As you do this, if you work with angels, guides or known allies, you can call them in to assist in making the space sacred, holding the boundaries and supporting your inner work. Optionally, you might also choose to light a candle in its center or set out a flower, or play a sweet-sounding bell.

Again, allow yourself to connect to the energy of the space, as you did before, and notice the difference in how it feels, looks, sounds or smells to your inner senses.Vibrations Coaching: candles

Other Resources

There are many ways to make space safe and sacred and many sources of information about it. Some of these resources include the following books:

  • Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston, Broadway Books, NY 1997
  • Sacred Space by Denise Linn, Ballantine Books, NY 1995
  • The Smudging and Blessing Book by Jane Alexander, Sterling Publishing Company, Inc, NY 1998