Vibrations Coaching: forestI am grateful to Satyam Premraj, who first taught me a version of this powerful exercise.

In a safe space, close your eyes and allow your body to fully relax. Breathe deeply and regularly, and, when you are ready, allow yourself to bring to your mind’s eye an image that represents all that you are fearing right now. Let yourself see this image and allow yourself to feel, in your body as well as your emotions, the depth and breadth of your fear.

With your eyes still closed, put that image in the palm of your upturned hand. Feel its weight there, notice if it is hot or cold.

Hold up your hand towards the sky, the sun, away from yourself. And allow a bright, white, pure light to encircle the image. Know that this is the light of healing and transformation. Let that light soak into the image, and obscure your vision of it. Feel the image and the light merging. Know, as you do, that the light is absorbing the fear from the image and leaving you only the positive messages and teachings.

And now, allow the light to float upwards towards the sun and its sister stars, into the sky, and notice that it is taking with it, trailing behind, a long tail of light full of colors that come from the image. Watch it float out of sight.

Then turn your attention to your image again. Notice how it has changed in size, weight, texture. Its colors are different, let yourself see this. Feel the image and perceive the charge in it. If you still feel fear connected to it, allow bright white light to encircle it again.

When the image is no longer charged with fear, let yourself gather from it the positive messages and teachings it has for you. If you like, you can bring it towards your heart.

Express gratitude, and bring yourself back into the room.