Vibrations Coaching: frogWalking Meditation to Heal the Earth

(Initially created to honor the Gulf after the big oil spill)

Standing in a quiet space, allow your body to relax as you breathe deeply. If you are out of doors, allow your senses to inspire you, or bring up an image or a story in which you felt great love or tenderness. Perhaps you will think of your children when they were babies in your arms, or a gentle moment with a favorite pet. Think of something that fills your heart so that you can feel it soften and open with love.

If you have Reiki, use the distance and master symbols. If you don’t, simply allow your heart to fill with love and light and let that light bathe you, feel what it does for you. Now let that love overflow from your heart and feel it lighting up your body, flow all through you.

Now intend that loving energy to flow down your spine into the Earth. Feel it flowing downward and out the soles of your feet, and allow yourself to see it crossing the strata, straight to the hot, molten center of the Earth. Perhaps you can imagine roots from your soles reaching into the ground and pouring this loving energy down. Intend that this energy will continue pouring with every step that you take throughout the day.

Allow yourself to envision how this energy strengthens and nurtures the Earth, returning vitality to her. Allow yourself to know that it is joining the healing energy that so many others are sending, and feel its power intensify. Feel that this energy empowers the Earth to heal herself, to close the gap in her body in the Gulf, and to achieve balance, heal her waters, her ecosystems. Know that you, too, are helping her heal.

When you are ready to stop, return to the center of your heart and express gratitude for what you have just experienced. Allow yourself to remain there for a moment longer, quietly asking what additional steps you can take in your daily life to support the healing of the Gulf oil spill. Let the answers come to you now, and if they do not, remain open to them later. Remember, at different times throughout your day, that each step you take is sending healing into Earth’s core. And don’t forget to follow up on the steps you can take in your daily life!