Vibrations Coaching: fern leavesSit in a comfortable place and make sure your spine is straight. Close your eyes and take three deep, vibration-raising breaths: as you slowly inhale, you intend to raise your vibrations, as you slowly exhale, you feel your surface level stress, worries and anxieties peel off. Feel your body relax as you continue to breathe slowly and deeply.

When you are ready, draw your attention to your neck and feel the bones of your spine tingle with your awareness. Follow the length of your spine down to the end of it, then imagine that a long cord is attached there. It can be a rope, a chain, or even a vine. See its shape and color and follow it down into your seat, beyond that, through the floor, into the ground, through the different layers of the Earth into its very center. Feel how the cord is attached to the flaming center of the Earth, tug it and notice that it does not loosen, neither at the base of your spine, nor from the center of the Earth. This is your grounding cord.

Now, feel the powerful force of the Earth’s gravity pulling through the cord and into your body, dragging down to the planet’s core all of the sources of stress and anxiety in your life, all your sources of pain and fear. The cord is like a vacuum, pulling out everything negative in your body and, in the center of the earth, recycling it to be used as energy for something constructive. Let yourself experience this process for a while.

Then feel the incredible power of the Earth’s energy rising through the cord and filling your body. Feel it spread to every part of your body, , through your limbs to your fingers and your hair, until you are completely full of the vibrant and healing energy. Notice the qualities of the energy, whether it is heavy or light, what colors it has, how it flows. Feel it circling through you until you are ready to return.

Slowly become aware of your body and the environment outside yourself. Hear the sounds, smell the smells in the room. Bring your consciousness out of yourself and gently open your eyes.