Vibrations Coaching: fossilDirecting your attention to your breath focuses your energy and gently brings you to center. For this practice, concentrate on the exhale, make it audible. Use the exhale to direct your attention down toward the Tan-tien, a point in the center of the belly two or three niches below the navel.

Sitting or standing, with straight back and feet flat on the floor, take regular, deep breaths, exhaling audibly and directing the breath to your Tan-tien… As you do this, begin to feel the Tan-tien, notice how it responds to the breath. Does it contract or expand? Do you feel any sensations? Continue your breathing and observation.

Now, direct your breath down into the center of the Earth. Follow its path with your consciousness and feel your connection to the Earth…

Now, as you continue breathing, bring your attention to your body. Allow yourself to become aware of the energy field surrounding your body.

Keep breathing, and notice if there are any shifts in your energy.

Breathe in deeply one last time, and release your breath.