– the Andes mountain landscape
– native cloud forest
– temperate climates in winter


– permission for stillness and silence
– forgetting what time or day it is
– holding an intentional women’s circle

and what do we get?

Soul nourishment, powerful renewal and a deep connection with Self and place


Renewal Retreat on La Finca

View the natural reserve where the Renewal Retreat on La Finca takes place, as well as the facilities.  Contact me to find out more and participate


Follow your inner promptings in each moment at this natural reserve: Wander through the verdant forest, ride a horse in the pasture, milk cows, seek orchids, or follow a stream. Receive guidance and support from me to deepen your connection with the land and your Self. Visit Bogotá, the capital city, and learn more about Colombia on an optional tour. Replenish, relax, renew.

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The free-form of this retreat is an invitation to sit with real freedom and possibility, and the discomfort they can bring up.  It’s also an invitation to step into a sacred and aligned “yes.” 

Even before the retreat begins, I am offering support for you to craft a robust and generous intention that will energetically shape your experience when you get there.  Once on La Finca, reexamining and invigorating your intention daily will help you define how you will spend your time. You’ll get practice, and if you want it, guidance from me, for checking in with yourself to make your choices and become familiar with what alignment feels like for you. 

Return replenished from the Renewal Retreat on La Finca and bring back a strengthened sense of alignment!



Dates: February 16-20, 2019

Place: Cundinamarca, Colombia

Cost: $1000

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What you will be doing while you are there: 

What you do each day depends on the intention that you bring, but in the overarching, mystical sense, the retreat is about practicing feeling into what is the aligned thing to do, as much as it is about being in and with nature.  Nature is a great place of reflection, in the sense of mirroring ourselves but also of allowing deep awarenesses. Going on this retreat is an agreement to step into the willingness to be touched by Mystery: the interaction between your Self and Nature and the deeper mystery of your interconnectedness with All and who you really are.



In a physical sense, what you might be doing would look something like this:

Each day begins in silence with an opportunity to reconnect with your initial intention and adjust it for the new day. After breakfast and lunch, I will offer some guidance about an intentional activity that can deepen your experience of the agreement I just referenced. Some examples might be instructions for communing with a specific tree, seeking out birds, or creating something with natural materials. 

But you are always free to choose something different, such as following a creek, wandering in the cloud forest, riding horseback, or staying in the houses by the fireplace. You could also participate in some of the daily work on La Finca, such as feeding the calves or going milking. Also, you may decide you want to be gone for the whole day, in which case you’d pack a lunch and take off.  

Of course, there will be other participants at the retreat and there will be community time in the late afternoon and evenings, when people can share their reflections or plan for an outing together the next day. 

On Sunday, if you want to go on a guided tour to Bogotá, breakfast will be on the road and you will visit the city center, museums, a restaurant for lunch, as well as a small town off the road to La Finca.


Gift yourself with freedom and the renewing power of nature. Contact me to participate

If you still have questions, read the FAQs