Vibrations Coaching: Sun shining through trees in a forestAt the core of each of us is brilliant light. I don’t know how I know this, but I do. It’s not that darkness isn’t also a useful, positive part of us, just that the Soul radiates. It shows in the eyes when we are aligned, I see it when my clients are sitting across from me and fully allowing their Self to be.

It seems to me that part of my task in this life is to discover —or uncover— my own radiance. I forget about it, in spite of my best intentions, amidst the busyness that my Mind is addicted to. Then, by some grace, I am reminded. Sometimes that happens when I meditate. This time, it has been upon remembering my cousin Steven, whose radiance seemed to me to shine effortlessly and steadily.

As I reflect on my own, muted radiance, I know that fear is the great cloak that covers it. Fear of what? I don’t always know, I am not usually aware. But it is frequently there, out-maneuvering my attempts to unearth it, often tricking me into complacency.

Marianne Williamson wisely teaches that our fear is of our own Radiance. If I am truly as magnificent as I intuit, then what does that require of me? I know I have felt that my humanity is not big enough to rise to what I am called to.

But, as I write this, I am reminded that it doesn’t have to be. Because, in allowing myself to recognize the intensity of the Radiance, and in choosing to uncover it as best I can, I grow and learn, discovering in the process that I have risen to the calling after all.

Now You

We don’t often reflect upon our own Radiance, so I invite you to use the sacred space that our intention creates here, to quiet yourself and sink into your Wisdom, and ponder for a moment your own Magnificence. How is it speaking to you now? How have you been hiding it? What is its call to you?

It is my most sincere wish that you find the courage to do this and to lift in some way, large or small, the veil that covers your radiance. Know that I love it when you share your reflections, and that it would be my great honor to help and support you in this purpose, if you reach out to me about it.


Photo by Dariusz Dembiński
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