Vibrations Coaching: DunesAs I write this, I put myself in one of my places of power. We can all have these places, a special spot where we feel alive and we recognize ourselves as whole, complete, as Soul. We feel at peace there, allowing a quietude to come over our bodies, our thoughts and emotions.

That is what I am building this space of written connection to be like. And that is why I write from here, sitting under a pine tree, on the sand dunes, overlooking Lake Michigan through the tall prairie grasses and stalks of milkweed. Here birdsong is louder, the sky looks clearer, the horizon starker. Here I connect with my Self with ease, and I experience quiet trust that my questions are answered, sometimes before I can formulate them.

You may not have a place of power, whether it is outdoors, in the midst of the magical qualities of Nature, or indoors in a spot of beauty, perhaps before an altar of your own making. You have not found it, or built it, yet. But you can. You will, if you feel the pull for it. And while you do, you can also rest here, in between the words.

Where is one of your places of power? Or, if you don’t have one, where could it be?

Places of Power
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