Vibrations Coaching : Bubble with reflectionI am writing you after a day of what looks like “fooling around.” There were other items on the calendar, including lots and lots of writing, that, frankly, just won’t happen today.

So why am I grinning, instead of rushing to make up for lost time? Hint: It’s not only because I have a gift for you, if you keep reading. I’m grinning because what I did was important, regardless of what it looked like!

What I did

What I did was pause. (That’s something I wasn’t doing enough of, earlier this year, and which resulted in physical illness.)

What I did was listen to my Self. And when I did, I noticed how heavy and tired I felt. I needed to fill myself up.

So I did a long meditation, instead of my usual, briefer one. I read a novel over breakfast. I journaled. I did a whole series of exercises that gave my energy flow some new momentum.

And now, I am ready for all the “output” that’s required. What got bumped off the to-do list was just not important enough to get done today.

Listen to Self

Why am I going into such detail, sharing this with you? Because, collectively, we don’t give ourselves permission to really listen to our Self, and change plans.

If you work for yourself, how willing are you to pause, how often do you check in with your Self? And if you don’t get to set your own hours, do you pause and check in after work? When you are with family, or without them? How willing are you to do so?

Happiness Hacks

I’ve shared with you that I am working on FLOWERing in Freedom, that is both a community and a process for a soulful unfolding into who we came to life to be (and which you can still join, the first call is tomorrow); well, one thing that has been standing out for me is that we long for a soul-driven life, but we don’t do what it takes to build it. If you take mud and grass, you can’t produce baked bread!

So, I made a gift for my Flowering Women, which I am extending to you, too. See, to quote Dr. Dyer, “there is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.” So here are some Happiness Hacks that research (and my own experience) teach push the energy dial into higher (and more soulful) vibrations when used consistently. Add your own.

Now You

But first, pause now, and ask your Self: What would you like from me?

What did your Self say? Do tell me!

And if you feel you can’t bring yourself to do it, or it’s too hard to make space for it, call or email me, I’ll help.

Pause Now
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