If you have worked with me at all you know that one of my gifts is creating sacred space for reflection. My intention is that every entry I write recreates the possibility of that resonant stillness for you and constitutes an invitation to connect to your Soul’s wisdom and yearning. So my invitation is to pause when you read this, to take a couple of deep, cleansing breaths and intend that you receive the blessings coming to you, including what arises out of the invitation this post is intended to be.

Today I share with you this photo, taken by Colin Brough.

Vibrations Coaching: Orchid is metaphor
Photo credit: Colin Brough on RGBStock.com

It speaks to me deeply, about the power of contrast, of focus, and beauty. Because it is here, and you are here too, in this sacred time and place that we build together, if it were a metaphor for an issue or if it spoke to you directly about something you are chewing on (or should be), what would its message for you be?

I know how much of a gift answering this question can be, so I feel excited for you, and expectant in my curiosity. I know there is meaning there for you, and for me. If you feel moved to share what it is, I am eager to “hear” it.

I am wishing you peace, joy , and keen awareness of your own sacred nature!

Orchid is a Metaphor
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