VibrationsCoaching:Tower above the cloudsRecognizing how deeply our mindset can affect the results in our life, and having strategies to shape it can be incredibly empowering! We have the ability to shape what shows up in our day-to-day so that it reflects what we want, and choose, to experience! Just knowing that can be a glimpse at a kind of breathtaking freedom.

And almost in the next instant, for most people, small self or ego steps in, wanting to stay in the familiar landscape of the life we know, are used to —in spite of its limitations. In many conversations I have had with those who listened in on the Getting Out of Your Own Way Teleseminar, the form that took was a reluctance to even look at what might be possible, an “I’ll avoid disappointment by not getting my hopes up” mentality. Do you recognize that?

I definitely do! I spent years distracting myself from thinking about my dreams because it hurt so much that they seemed impossible. Now that I am living some of those very dreams, I sometimes catch myself suppressing my (even bigger) dreams for the same reason! Tut, tut, tut, Andrea, there’s no need for that.

Now You

So today, I am offering you a Tapping Script to address this!  If you have not tried EFT or Tapping before, it is based on psychology and acupressure, and it is a powerful, effective way of consciously changing feelings and thoughts and clearing blocks from our subconscious mind. There’s a diagram that you can follow here. You use your fingertips to tap on the points pictured, while reading through the script below.

Tapping Script: It’s too scary to think of what I wish might be

Step 1.

On a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is no intensity and 10 is maximum possible intensity, how true do you feel the title of this segment is? How strongly do you feel that it is too scary to think of what you wish might happen in your life?  This is the number you will compare to after tapping through the script.

Step 2.

Repeat this Setup Phrase three times, as you tap on the Karate Chop Point: Even though thinking about what I wish could be possible for my life is scary and painful, I love and accept myself, deeply and completely. (Say this even if you don’t fully love and accept yourself, think of it as part of the formula.)

Step 3.

Tap 6-7 times on each point while reading the script for it and feeling it as much as possible.

VibrationsCoaching: Butterfly and Lilac

Round 1:

Eyebrow: I’m scared to get my hopes up, thinking of what might be possible for me to experience.

Side of the eye: My dreams are so big, and far from my current reality.

Under the eye: How could I ever bring them closer?

Under the nose: I can’t! It’s impossible! And pointless to think about it!

Chin: In fact, thinking about it hurts!

Collarbone: I am better off thinking of other things.

Under arm: I am better off thinking of things I can accomplish.

Rib: Keeping my feet on the ground and being practical.

Top of the head: It’s just too painful and silly to be thinking about what I wish could be possible.

Round 2:

Eyebrow: Still, I give myself permission to relax my body.

Side of the eye: I give myself permission to breathe deeply.

Under the eye: I don’t have to hold onto this pain and fear.

Under the nose: I release this pain and fear of getting my hopes up.

Chin: Releasing the hurt from my body.

Collarbone: Releasing the pain and fear from my energy field.

Under arm: I give myself permission to feel safe with my thoughts.

Rib: Choosing to feel safe with my thoughts.

Top of the head: I feel safe with my thoughts.

Round 3:

VIbrationsCoaching: Hibiscus

Eyebrow: I recognize that I could, sometimes, think of what I wish were possible for me without feeling discouraged and scared.

Side of the eye: I give myself permission to do that, I give myself permission to dream.

Under the eye: I acknowledge the power of my thoughts, and choose thoughts that empower and affirm me.

Under the nose: I give myself permission to embrace possibility.

Chin: It feels good to acknowledge my dreams.

Collarbone: I choose to be open to allowing my dreams to unfold in my life.

Under arm: I allow myself to embrace that possibility.

Rib: I am excited to accept and embrace possibility

Top of the head: I am open to the possibility of fulfilling my dreams.

Step 4.

Repeat Step 1 and compare the number you get now to the one you did the first time.

How are you feeling now?  What are you allowing yourself to embrace?

Me? I am embracing a vacation in South and Central America with family and loved ones, in landscapes I love!  I will be pretty much off the grid (yay!),  so I won’t blog as often as I usually do, but I will endeavor to check e-mail now and then, so don’t hesitate to write.

As for you, please, indulge your dreams, lean into possibility, and let yourself begin to bring it into your current reality!

Opening to Possibility