Vibrations Coaching: Disconnected Daisy

Who You Are:

You are a caregiver, whether that’s to family, or through work, and you constantly feel tired, exhausted by all that is required of you! You wish you had time to do something you love, something creative, or to spend some time in Nature, but life just doesn’t seem to let up enough to do that. To top it off, people have no problem making requests you feel you can’t turn down; if you did, you would only be dealing with more trouble than it’s worth. And you can barely even rest at night because anxiety keeps you up!

You know there is more to life than getting through each day, but you can’t even let yourself go there, let alone do something about it! You are already doing everything you are “supposed” to do, like eating healthy and trying to exercise. You’ve read self-help books and followed other people’s advice, but nothing helps. When you look at your life, you can’t believe it’s yours; you can only think about the part of you that you lost. This is not what your life was meant to be, it doesn’t fit you, and you feel lost, disconnected from yourself!

What Your Issues Tend to Be:

Your days are riddled with anxiety, in fact, you wake up with a clenched belly and sometimes you don’t even know what it is you are anxious about! You feel constantly drained, and you don’t even have energy for the things that used to be fun. The people in your life, your family, friends, colleagues and your boss don’t respect your boundaries, making demands of you without thinking of the effect they have on you. They make you wait for them or stand you up, and often, they won’t even listen to what you have to say, so you feel almost invisible. You’ve tried to change things, but everyone else’s needs just tie you up, and the tips and directions you have tried, just haven’t helped. You may even be seeing a therapist, but you just feel stuck. Nothing works!

What You Need Most Right Now:

You need to make small changes that can shift how you feel in a big way. You need permission to give to yourself without feeling selfish. You need to find a way to slow down without feeling that you are dropping everything, and, especially, you need to stop looking at other people’s lives and their way of doing things, and connect to your inner GPS, your own inner wisdom, about what would work for you! You need to learn to shift your awareness to find meaning in what you do, and shift what you do to bring meaning into your life, and reconnect with your Higher Self, allowing you to remember what you came to life for. And you need support that makes you feel calm, and reminds you that you are strong, and capable of change.

Coaching with me will give this all to you, and the tools to make it happen! Contact me for a complimentary 20 minute exploratory call to discuss how I can help you build a life that fits you, the life that you yearn for, without having to walk out of the life you are living to do it!