Vibrations Coaching: Alignment and Mindfulness about Time and letting the child-self playI have been meditating on time these days. If you have been following Soul to Soul, you may already know that time is one of my teachers about lack and abundance and alignment. And if you are new here, welcome, thank you for being here!

Time.  It so often seems to me to be some hard and fast thing that I am powerless to affect.  And there is rarely enough of it in any category of my life.

Out of Alignment with Time

Well, I let myself get busier than usual and one night, without really planning to, I found myself looking up from my book at 4:30 a.m.  Now, I am no night owl.  Losing track of time so dramatically was the effect of my playful, child-self demanding to get its way.  Fortunately I recognized that and have modified my behavior: if I am going to be busy, I better make sure there is play time interspersed between the busyness. 

Beyond that, I need to make conscious choices. If I am choosing to be busy, then I need to remind myself that it is a choice, that it is one I am making freely, and focus on the beauty that it brings me.  When I do that, I can be present in the busyness in alignment, with the whole of myself, and not leaving the playful child behind.

Now You

I invite you to take this time that we make sacred together, through our shared intention, to quiet your thoughts, slow your breathing and sink into your body.  Think about the ways that you spend your time day to day. How does that make you feel, in your body?  Is there anything you would like to clarify for yourself about the way your time is taken up?  Is there anything that needs to change? Let yourself drift gently in trust that your wisdom can arise to your awareness and let the answers to those questions come to you, and the ones to the questions you haven’t asked, as well.

Share your reflections here, please.  What will you do differently? What are you doing really well?

Next time I have any doubts about the malleability of time, I just have to ask my daughter, who is still in school, and she will remind me that some classes take f.o.r…e.v.e.r to be over.  Whereas, when I am in a coaching session, an hour slips by like a handful of quick minutes!

Where Did That Time Go?
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