VibrationsCoaching: Soul Journey into the Mountains

Soul Journeys are a powerful way to reach deep inside, or far beyond the reach of the calculating, conscious mind. (If you have not heard one of mine, claim one as your gift, in the sidebar.)

I love them for the insight they can provide, but, mostly because they can be so surprising.

I am familiar, too, with the gnawing anxiety that can come before embarking on a soul journey. It’s the fear that I might discover something I’d rather not know, or, worse, that nothing will happen!

Soul Journeys, like Life, are speaking to us at all times, though. And even when nothing happens, there is meaning there. Sometimes that meaning is immediately apparent, even in the nothingness.

And when the nothingness is deep and gaping, I understand the call to be, simply: “Listen!”  Not just now, in the space of the Journey or the moments afterwards, but later, as you walk through your daily tasks and do your customary thing.

In fact, feeling called to do a Soul Journey already constitutes a call to listen!


Now You

You can go on your own Soul Journey at any time.

Just create a safe and sacred space and set an intention to listen, or to receive new awareness on particular topics.

Then use your favorite relaxing technique, or simply focus attentively on your breath for a few cycles.

With your eye lids closed, “look” up along your forehead and the top of your head, and try to “look” behind the back of your head, and, as you do this, allow your consciousness to somersault you into a sea of peaceful green, and float there, in a plane of archetypes and images, for as long as you like, before returning to your body and your waking consciousness, re-energized, and remembering all you experienced.

Then take a moment to recall what you experienced and feel into the meanings of it. There is a surprise waiting for the  first three people to comment!

Regardless the insight you discovered, the images you found, remember, you are called to listen.

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