Hand holding out a card that reads: Pay attention, life is always speaking to you

It has been unseasonably warm and the sunlight calls out to me as I sit at my desk. I want to go for a walk, but I’ve had tendonitis and my foot requires rest. Life is speaking to me; it is always speaking to us. The question is, how much do we listen?  

Always reaching for more

Have you noticed how absorbing the “next thing” can be, from the to-do list, as much as from the list of aims? And how, when we reach one goal, we are already thinking of the next thing we want to achieve? I realize I have lived a life of striving: for academic achievement, for the right job, for having and raising kids, for  making a living. When I say it like that, it sounds… normal, right?

But the thing is, I have been efforting, pushing, straining most of the way. Know what I mean? You, too, right? I know, because I hear it constantly in my office and I see it all around me.

Why we push

But the thing is, we do it on purpose, because the pushing makes us feel like we are doing something about improving where we are at (the tacit assumption being that where we are is not a good enough place to be). And the busyness keeps unwelcome awarenesses at bay, leaving no space to deepen into what Life is telling us.

Don’t stop stretching

Now, I’m not saying stop stretching, don’t get me wrong, we don’t want to stop reaching for what our Soul is saying is next (in my case, reaching and helping even more women get out of their own way to thriving). But let’s do it consciously, listening to Life and our Soul, not by rowing against the currents. Let’s grow in partnership with the creative energies that are always present in us, and to us. This way, what we strive for is meaningful and important to the Whole. And the process of achievement is as rich, as worthwhile, as reaching it.

Now You

As I do in every issue of Soul to Soul, I invite you to take a moment and make use of the sacred space that we create together through these lines, and ask for awareness and guidance about how your life reflects what you are reaching for, and how meaningful that is. I have shared a video that you can use, to let the pictures there help you glean insight into what you could be striving for.

So, what are you striving for? Does it feel aligned with your Soul’s agenda? Email me by Tuesday, the 17th, if you would like a free, phone strategy session to help you align with what is meaningful and important to you, and chart a plan towards it that is equally rich and worthwhile.

Life is Speaking
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