12.7 Image 2What gets on your list of priorities? How do you decide what matters enough to put time or money towards it? How often does doing what you love to do, just because you love it, make it on that list?

(Read to the end for a yummy gift.)

I’m asking because it’s important, because we both know that we are here to live full, satisfying lives, and that what nourishes our Soul and feeds our Spirit feels good and makes us happy. What we love to do, whether it is “useful” in a utilitarian way or not, often points us in a direction our Soul is calling us to. But even if that is not apparent, doing what we love can help us feel more fully expressed, more fulfilled.

For “good” reasons

So why is it so hard to make consistent room for doing what we love in our life?

I can’t tell you how many women have told me they can’t or don’t feel comfortable spending their time or money this way. I’ve argued with myself about it!

If I say, “Doctors are recommending regular exercise for good health,” then it’s okay to take time for a workout. Because the doctors said so, because it’s healthy for the body, not because it feels good.

If I say, “Take some time for yourself, do it to teach your children what you want for their life,” then it’s thinkable. Because we’re setting a good example for the kids. Not because it brings joy.

Not a good enough reason

But when I say, “Set up an art corner in your home, stock it with all the materials that light you up, just because you love to paint,” then it’s no longer that simple. Then, it feels self-indulgent. And if we can get past that feeling, then there’s guilt to grapple with.

An underlying belief

There is a belief underlying all of that, that we, as a society, have agreed to hold and support, that says that indulging ourselves in what makes us happy, for the sake of the joy it gives us, is wrong. For some of us, that’s coupled with a belief that we don’t deserve it, that we have to earn it (if we even believe we can). These beliefs are standing in the way of opportunities for joy, happiness and fulfillment. The keep us shading our Radiance, denying or Self nourishment.

Now You

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I invite you to use these lines and their shared intention to create a sacred time for reflection.  Let yourself slow down your breathing and your thoughts, allow yourself to become quieter, more relaxed, still.

Connect with the timeless, infinite part of you that is greater than your body and your thinking mind, and that is, at the same time, found deeply within you. Allow yourself to feel the feelings of it in your body and your energy, even if you cannot fully name or see it. Trust that you are connecting with your greatest Wisdom, with the highest version of your Self. With curiosity and openness, ask it, yourself:

  • How am I getting in the way of shining my Inner Radiance, of fully expressing my Self?
  • What have I believed that keeps me from experiences that bring me fulfillment and joy?
  • How can I experience my Self, how can I express my Self, more fully now?
    What do I need to do this?

Please, share what you have learned in the comments. And be aware, going forward, of the choices you can make to honor your Self.

You may find the beliefs are too deeply entrenched to change with awareness alone. Remember I mentioned a gift, earlier? Well, if you want to feel more fulfillment, to be more your Self, to nourish your Soul and feel at peace about it, mail me right now with the subject: “Awareness is not enough” and we’ll schedule a free Clearing Call about it. (Don’t wait to mail me, though, I only have time for three of these calls.)

Cliff on the island of Moen photo by kvihh

Just Because You Love It
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