It’s already February, and I am still not used to writing 2016 as the date!

Instead of resisting the passing of time, it would serve me better to choose to focus on how the year moves at a perfect pace.

And, speaking of choosing empowering beliefs, which I wrote about last time let’s take a closer look at beliefs that would serve you better.

In the following video, I share a process that can HELP YOU SHIFT… 

-the“I can’t” thoughts

-any limiting belief that keeps you stuck

-anything that blocks you from shining your Inner Radiance freely

Before viewing the video…

1. Take a moment to think of a belief that is holding you back and not serving you.

2. Write it down, and measure from 0 to 10, how true, how powerful it feels for you (10 is truest and most powerful).  Write the number down, too. 

3. Now write a statement of the opposite belief.

So, for example, if the belief is “Life is hard,” the opposite is “Life is easy.” 

After viewing the video…

1. Now, view the video again, but substitute your limiting belief with the one I am using on screen, and, after you are done, see what the number is then.

2. Share how many points your number changed in the comments!

As I mention in the video, there are sometimes more layers to our beliefs, so it helps to notice what may come up and to have a guide, like myself, through the clearing process. I am here if you need me, and celebrate with you if you don’t.   🙂  

And speaking of layers to our beliefs, do you deal with anxiety on a regular basis? Does it keep you up or wake you up at night? Do you have anxious children?

Email or comment and tell me what you deal with on a regular basis. The first 6 people to reply will receive a special gift.

It’s Never Too Late to Change!
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