Vibrations Coaching: 10th Anniversary bouquet

Unbelievably, this month is Vibrations’ 10th anniversary!

That is 10 years of connecting deeply with beautiful souls, and 10 years of active growing and learning.  That it has been this long fills me with awe. And with gratitude for the power of the Soul’s call and the Wisdom that guides me and each of us, step by step, and in leaps and bounds. A deep appreciation for you arises, too, for your willingness to be present to your Self, for your choice to  show up, for the inspiration that connecting with you gifts me, and the learning we have done together. Thank you for your commitment to you!

These 10 years have left many big lessons and gifts for many people.  For me, some of the biggest have to do with doing my own inner work, healing my own wounds, while holding space for others to do the same. I have learned that I have to open up about my own vulnerabilities, which means stepping into scary spaces publicly, and grapple with my small self wanting to keep me hidden and safe.  Not that different from what you do to step into working with me, right?

That’s another gift and lesson from these 10 years: the recognition of the interconnectedness between us. I still feel the wonder of recognizing all the ways that what you are working on resonates in me and is reflected in my own inner process. What a privilege to witness that, and to grow from it together.

These 10 years, I have been inspired and humbled by the wisdom and insight of my clients.  And I have been burnt-out, bone dry, flattened. And then, re-inspired again, in a cycle that keeps fine-tuning my listening skills, calling me to bring  in awareness again and again, and guiding me in new directions. I am still at it.

Who knows what my work will look like 10 years from now! That’s one thing I‘ve learned: how much I don’t know. But I do know it will still focus on listening deeply to my energy and my Inner Wisdom, and helping you listen to yours.

Now you:

Take this moment to step back and reflect for yourself. What have the past 10 years brought you? What inner work have you done? What has changed in the themes of your work, and what stayed the same?  What part of your  journey have we shared?

Help me celebrate by sharing your reflections with me! 

As part of the celebration, I will be sharing 10 gifts with you in this 10th anniversary year. The first is a downloadable worksheet that I hope will bring some humor into the earnest work that we do.  It is a place to write down the limiting beliefs, thoughts, or patterns that you recognize need shifting, as well as the replacements you are working on implementing. It’s great to have a record of your work, and also a physical place to anchor the energy.  Enjoy this gift and look out for the other 9 in your in-box in the coming year.

Shifting Limitations: From Monster to Lotus

Click the link to download the sheet, and write your limitations on the left, and the expansive replacement on the right!

It’s Been 10 years!
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