VibrationsCoaching: window box, it starts insideYou know how I talk about building a life you thrive in? It’s dawned on me that I may be miscommunicating.

See, building sounds like so much doing, what Abraham/Hicks call “efforting.” But that is not what I mean, that’s not how it works. Of course, there has to be a certain level of physical activity, don’t get me wrong. But what it actually takes goes beyond than that!

In reality, how we do it, build that life we dream of, is by thriving where we are already at, in the life we already got, first. When we do that, there’s much less effort involved in the building. Why? Because in order to thrive now, here, in the already-built-life we got, we have to shift the way we show up.

It’s an internal shift that affects the external world.

That internal shift is a decision first. A decision to trust that we are in the perfect place to get where we are aimed to go. A decision that helps us to appreciate what is currently before us, it helps us notice —and expand— what is already going for us, it helps us capitalize on the energy that is presently carrying us.

Plus, it feels good!

With that internal shift, we are intentional and purposeful about where we think we want to go, about the shape of that life we think we might thrive in further, but we are also very present in this moment. And that presence allows us to recognize opportunities and directions we formerly may not even have noticed. It allows us to see and respond to all that the flow of life constantly brings us, including the right circumstances and people to help us reach that dreamed of destination.

When we change how we show up to our life, to our Self, how we think about our circumstances, noticing What IS and its gifts, and choosing consciously what we want to experience, then we are harnessing the energy already available to us, and our life begins shaping itself to us.

And, when we look more closely, all I have said so far is a reflection of the principle of synchronization: when I vibrate with higher energy, everything around me inevitably vibrates with higher energy.

Now You

I invite you to take a moment now to quiet down your thoughts, to center your awareness in your body, to utilize the sacred space that is created through our shared intention and these words and ask yourself: What is in your current life that you can change your approach to so that you allow it to gift you? What can you bring higher vibrations to? What circumstance or energy of your life is an opportunity waiting for your awakened awareness?

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts about this, and what changes you notice as a result of this reflection. Please comment, below!

I just held a tele-seminar about how our thoughts affect the results in our life, and this is one more example of that. If changing your approach to your circumstances is feeling too challenging, if you feel stuck where you’re at and unable to harness the gifts of What Is, then please reach out to me, we’ll talk about how I can help!

I wish you peace, joy, thriving!

It Starts Inside
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