VibrationsCoaching:Rolling Hills - TuscanyHow are you? No, seriously, check in with yourself and notice how you are doing. How often do you do that? And what do you do with the information it provides you?

Much as I intend to walk my talk and stay mindful and aligned, I have had numerous signals that I have been functioning on autopilot. You know what I mean, right? There’s a running to-do list, at home and at work, and I go through it each day, checking things off (or not, depending on the day, and whether I am procrastinating).

On my list are numerous items that should lead to aligning. But I have been approaching them like items on a list, so, although they’re designed to be helpful, I have to admit they aren’t so much right now. I’m not surprised. This happens periodically, especially after long periods of being in action, “out there” with others, doing, doing, doing.

That checklist really helps me get where I am going. Crossing off an item feels like I have accomplished something. But it can be deceptive; I may not be accomplishing anything important. My checklist elicits the question of where it is that I am headed. Do I still want to get there? Who (what aspect of myself) decided that was my destination?

It’s time to stop and step back, to ask myself what I am really about; what matters to me; whether I am living my days in alignment. In other words, is that checklist still relevant?

When I do ask, the answer is that there is course correction to be done, things have changed. What matters to me is letting my True Self set my destinations; feeling inspired, connected to others in love; living on purpose, with inner freedom, and helping others who want to. That’s where I want to be going, and the basis for my checklist, day-to-day.

Now You

Take a moment to quiet yourself inside, to notice your body and what it is telling you. Intend to access the place at your core where your Truth resides and ask: What am I truly about? What really matters to me?

How am I experiencing and expressing it in my daily life?

What changes do I want to make?

Sit with these questions, knowing that asking alone is a powerful generator of awareness and movement. Let the answers unfold for you, even after you finish here, through the course of your day. Anchor them by writing them down, or, better yet, sharing them in the comments.

Asking these questions over and over again is a way to lay the foundations for a life you thrive in! Connect with me if it feels scary to listen to the answers!

Photos: Hills of Tuscany by Andreas Krappweis, Flowers by Agnes Scholiers

Is that Checklist Relevant?
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