Vibrations Coaching: Sunburst in natural Spruce ForestCoaching with me is a process of exploration and self-discovery that leads to profound, effective empowerment and transformation. It is practical, has immediate effects, and is focused on the present, with an eye to the future.

It starts with the sacred space that I create with Reiki around our sessions (whether they are in-person, in Chicago, or over the telephone or Skype), even before we begin, in order to facilitate the synergy between us. The synergy is that powerful energy that will connect you deeply to your essence, so that it’s easy for you to receive insights and have powerful breakthroughs, and you are deeply inspired to connect to your own unique gifts and feel abundantly able to share them with the world.

In our sessions, I will share my process, which combines coaching, spirituality and energy work and consists of:

  1. Become Present and Clear
    1. Create sacred space
    2. Ground your energy
  2. Check in with your True Self
    1. Acknowledge what arises
  3. Sit with What Is
    1. Recognize connections
    2. Remember stories
    3. Notice effects
  4. Choose the energy you want to experience
    1. Pick and use the tool that will achieve the change
  5. Reassess
    1. Check in with your True Self
    2. Give thanks

The system teaches you to assess your own subtle energy and  create the conditions  to access your True Self on your own, along with the wisdom it holds for you. The system also helps you distill the information you receive so that you can make sense of it and make informed choices. It teaches you to recognize underlying limiting beliefs and other energetic patterns, and includes a whole spectrum of tools that go from breath-work and movement, to shamanic drumming and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or Tapping) to help you release patterns and experience new energies.

This work helps you remember that, at the core, you have the answers to your questions and the inner resources to overcome the challenges you face. My coaching reflects this back to you and empowers you to shift your consciousness, tap into courage, past resistance and fear, to connect to the abiding peace at your center. Ultimately, you begin to know, at a deep level, that you can take on any challenge, and with that knowledge comes a sense of vibrant joy.

Through my sessions, I help you discover the resources you already have and find the ones you seek, and I help you connect, powerfully, transformationally to your essence, your inspiration, so that it feels easy to make the changes that will shape your life into a true expression of your deepest desires. Take a look at the testimonials that speak to how effective this coaching really is!

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