Vibrations Coaching - anise seed pod of Inner Wisdom

Coaching with me is a process of exploration and self-discovery that leads to profound, effective empowerment, transformation, and alignment. It is practical and focused on the present, with an eye to the future. You will feel its effects immediately, in increased energy and self-confidence. Each session provides a sense of peace, centeredness and hope, as you practice connecting with your own Inner Wisdom.

My coaching is unique in my combination of traditional coaching practices and techniques, with spirituality and energy work. As my client, you learn basic principles of energy work, how to assess your personal energy and tap energy drains. I teach you techniques to charge, conserve, and protect your personal energy, and we use energy work to shift patterns that no longer serve you.  During each session, you practice connecting with your Inner Wisdom and tapping Spirit Guidance, shifting your energy focus so that you build the life your Soul yearns for.

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