VibrationsCoaching:Sunrise in Difficult TimesThese are tragic times on so many fronts. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and, if we are among those fortunate enough to have the luxury, to want to hide our head in the sand.

But these are also bright times. So many of those who have felt uninvolved are awakening to the realities other beings are experiencing, and new compassion and determination are awakened. Many who have watched from a distance are feeling called to step up in new ways.

These are bright times because we can look back at achievements that once seemed impossible fantasies, in history and social movements as well as in science and technology. We can look back and know that impossible dreams can lead to great change.

These are bright times because more and more of us are aware that we are more than the constraint of our bodies, that we are all connected, part of the great Oneness.

These times call us to step beyond where we have been willing to stand, in the light of our highest, wisest Self.

So, I meditate, I journal, I Tap to speak to my fears, recognize my thoughts of separation and otherness —essentially, to clear my smallness as much as I can. I do what I know will connect me to my deepest Wisdom. I do what allows me to hold us all in loving light and the highest expectations, intending that my presence in the world is both grounding and elevating at once.

I know that in doing our own inner work, each of us raises our vibrations, and, together, we can change the energy of the grimmest situations for the better. We can help lift the heavy energies high.

We can discover how we can bring change, healing, a new consciousness into the world. We can gather together to bring light and love, joining rather than dividing.

Now You

Take the sacred space that we create together, through our common intention and these shared words, and quiet yourself down. Let your body relax, your breathing slow.  Feel the day’s stress float down your body and out your feet. Let your energy quiet down, and intend that, turning inward, deep, you touch your Wisdom and the power of possibility, and, when you do, ask:

  • What can you do today, what practical, tangible actions can you take in your life to bring light, love, and unity into the world?


  • Ask for clarity and fortitude, and any assistance you need, to help you carry each action out for the highest and greatest good of all. And let yourself feel gratitude, assuming that it is already there for you.

Please share in the comments what came to you, how you are bringing love light, and unity to the world; we can inspire each other.

Writing this is my first, small effort.

(I dedicate this issue to Steven Heller, whose life and legacy inspire me daily to find center and bring greater peace to the world. You can read what I have written about him here.)

In These Difficult Times
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