Vibrations Coaching: Pink Water Lily
Photo by Andrea Friedmann

Welcome back to the beautiful, safe and sacred space that we build together through these words we are sharing! I invite you to enter and share my intention that you feel warmly embraced, deeply supported, and fully accepted. And I invite you to offer that in equal measure to yourself.

How often do you truly stop and hold yourself in an energy of sheer loving acceptance? How often do you offer your Self deep appreciation?

I will answer for you, and also for me: “Not often enough!”

And yet, there is no shortage of occasion for self-criticism, blame and harshness. We are so aware of what we feel we lack, where we feel inadequate. This habitual energy may feel difficult to step out of, can seem to be ingrained in us.

And this is why I love, and so strongly recommend a daily practice that can allow connection, awareness, perception of the Great Oneness we are but a fragment of. Today, in my practice, I breathe out to the Universe, “I Am peace!” And allow the echo to return to me, “I Am.”  Evenly, rhythmically, I breathe the phrase (or mantra) out and, magically, with each breath the feeling of it returns to me, fills me, becomes me. And when I am finished, I can experience loving acceptance for my Self and myself. I can feel appreciation without having to hear the all-too-familiar criticisms.

My daily practice changes over time, as my needs and goals shift, as I learn of new practices, or feel too habituated to a familiar one. I often go back, as today, to old favorites. But what remains the same is that I am taken beyond my stories about my small self, beyond my ideas of who I am and what that means, and I perceive my Beingness in, as the Oneness.

I invite you, now, to try this practice of breathing out your chosen I Am.  I have used: I Am joy, love, abundance, gratitude. Let the Universe echo back the truth of it to you, and allow that to reverberate energetically through you. Do it for a good 10 minutes, at least.  (If you can, play some beautiful, wordless music. I love to do it with the music of James Twyman. Here Dr. Wayne Dyer explains the metaphysical reasons for using “I Am,” and the music begins at 7:20.)

How do you feel now? What is different? Please do share your experience!

What is your favorite way of experiencing your connection to the Oneness That Is All?

I hold you in gentle love and warm appreciation. If you feel called to explore other ways to experience and express your True Nature and build a life that reflects it, let’s talk and see if I can help!

I Am Peace
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