Vibrations Coaching: Fragmented, scattered Energy, drip dropIt’s summer. Even though the weather doesn’t quite reflect it, here I am, with the kids out of school, our schedules like a patchwork quilt. My focus has been all over the place, on the family, on wanting to be outdoors, on disparate aspects of my work.  My clients and I talk about scattered energy and energy leaks, and, when I am not with them, I feel uninspired and fragmented.

I put my efforts into trying to “plug” my leaking energy, hold my boundaries, and do all the other “right” things. But nothing really works.

Because I am not doing the one thing that can help. You probably know what I am going to say: Looking inward. Quieting.

What are the outcomes I am deeply yearning for? What do I really want to experience?

When I give myself the time and space to answer these questions from my center, from the part of me that knows nothing of pressure and stress, the answers point the way for me.

It is not until I really choose to go inward and quiet that everything changes. As soon as I am holding awareness from that centered place, the pressures from the outer world fall away. The phone stops ringing, the kids are quiet, the thoughts of “to-do’s” and “shoulds” taper off. My focus returns, my time feels my own, my energy gathers anew.

Now You

Now that we are here, connected through these lines and this page, in the sacred space that we create with our intention and attention, accept my invitation to  take a few moments and center yourself, quiet down, look within.

What outcomes are you yearning for, deeply?

What, in this vast world of possibilities, do you want to experience today?

What will help you create those experiences and outcomes for yourself?

Please, share with me what your answers are. I love to hear from you!  My answers? I yearn to experience myself in flow, going with the energies present to me, and to express my own Radiance and invite the Radiance of others. Being here with you, I am already doing it!

When centering is not enough, when the answers are clear but the outcomes stay out of reach, then there’s something else at play. Contact me for an invitation to join me in a complimentary Tele-seminar about what is at play and how to overcome it!

Photo: Drip Drop  by Andrei Niemimäki on Flickr (see license

Fragmented, Scattered Energy
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