This is Flowering in Freedom Call #1, with the Journey to Possibility and Potential occurring around minute 27.


This is Flowering In Freedom Call #2, about the Gifts Fear, Anxiety, and Overwhelm can offer. I guide you through two exercises to use with these energies. A Soul Journey to Higher Perspectives, can be found at 1:05.


This is Flowering in Freedom Call #3, about Digging for the Causes of Fear, Anxiety, and Overwhelm. We did a powerful  exercise that begins to shift the energetic patterns that cause your recurrent experiences of these feelings. The Time Travel exercise begins at minute 32.


This is Flowering in Freedom Call #4, about Changing Core Beliefs, where I teach you EFT or Tapping, the most powerful tool I know to reach into the subconscious and change the beliefs that are affecting the outcomes in your life.  With this, you have the power!


This is Flowering in Freedom Call #5, about Tackling Habitual Negative Thoughts and Critical Self-Talk. I shared a process to keep the negativity in check, as well as an exercise in hypnosis that will rewire your brain to offer you positive self-talk if you listen to it repeatedly (I recommend at least three times per week).  The hypnosis begins at the 1:08 mark.


This is Flowering in Freedom Call #6, about integrating and celebrating. I shared a Journey for Integration (around minute 32) and wish you peace, joy, and flowering in freedom!