Vibrations Coaching: TreesI know what true feels like, energetically. And that is what I write: I write what is true. But I also know that what was true this morning can change by tomorrow. Knowing that is the second reason it has taken me so long to be ready to write here.

I feared writing with conviction, and then finding myself reading what no longer fit, what had shifted to a new truth. What I had to come to realize, and accept, is that the change does not make the initial statement any less true.

See, I know that paradox is at the center of spirituality and one spiritual truth often seems to contradict another. For example, the following statements are both true:
You are a discrete, unique, individual, whole being.
AND, simultaneously,
You are an interconnected aspect of a greater Whole that is Oneness.

Sometimes I am more aware of the first statement; others, of the second. And I have to be able to hold whichever I am focusing on in my open hand, without grasping at it, making room for the other.

So I have to come here, to this writing space, in trust that when I am prompted to write, and what I am prompted to share, is serving you, even if my view of it changes.

Do you hold paradoxes or apparent contradictions in your daily life? Which are they? How do you hold them?

Even Though Truth Changes
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