Now that it’s clear that determination and will alone are not enough to allow us to share our gifts and thrive in our life, alone, we know to ask whether fear and smallness are setting the agenda.

I heard from some of you that you can’t always tell the answer to that question.

So in this video I share a process to help you learn more.

The first thing is to take a breath, close your eyes and ask the questions (above, of who’s driving), feeling your body as you do.

When you do that, you DO know, don’t you?

Dr. David Hawkins Power vs. Force talks about muscle testing: the body can tell you. Do you feel expansive, trusting, strong, empowered? If so, likely aligned with your Soul.

Feel tight, constricted, doubtful? Likely being led by smallness and fear.

The next question is how you are going to stop fear and smallness from keeping you stuck, shuttered and darkening your own radiance.

You can learn more at my free Freedom From Fear Teleseminar, and you’ll come away with a powerful tool you can use immediately to interrupt the cycle of fear and anxiety, and I’m even giving you a yummy meditation as a bonus for signing up. Join me, bring your friends!

Do You Know Who’s Driving?
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