VibrationsCoaching: Sprout of determination and willOnce upon a time, not so long ago, I found myself trying so hard, reaching all the time, exhausted, because my efforts bore no real fruits. Know the feeling?

Sometimes, there’s just so much we can will into being. Sometimes determination will only get us so far. [Find out what yummy gift you can get if you’re determined to get to the bottom of this!]

Will and Determination can be important

Now, I’m not playing down their importance. If we are going to show up in our life brightly, and use the gifts and talents we have, we must be willing to let willpower and determination be our allies, because, otherwise, the smallest obstacle, any inconveniences might stymie us; procrastination and distraction will halt our momentum.


I’ve said this before, procrastination and distraction show up most often when we are otherwise off target, disconnected from why we set out to do these things we aren’t doing.

Which brings me back to my original thought: Determination and will can’t carry us all the way. That is because they come from the smallest part of us, from our ego with its constricted, fearful view of life.

What carries us all the way

The real power, the momentum that can overcome insurmountable obstacles and carry us beyond the pale goals our limited mind can set, comes from our Soul, from the depths of our essence and the greatest expanse of our Being. THAT can open paths that were not formerly before us, show us hidden doors and carry us on unseen currents.

In my frustrated exhaustion from all my efforting, I had to give myself permission to stop trying so hard, to pull back my efforts and make space to ask some important questions.

Now You

I invite you to use the sacred space we create together through these words to take a few deep, full breaths and relax your body. Then, trusting that you can touch the truth through the asking, hold the following questions.

  • Are my efforts coming from a feeling of empowerment and integrity or from weakness and mistrust?
  • Are smallness and fear leading here?
  • Do I need to reconnect to a deeper, Wiser aspect of myself, and allow it to lead?

In my case, that deeper reconnecting allowed me to discover new inspiration and energy to shift my focus in a direction I had never registered as possible before. Most importantly, I could relax into a rhythm again, allowing breakthroughs to occur.

How are your fear and smallness leading you? What is taking great effort without results?  The first five people to respond in the comments or contact me will receive a yummy surprise that will help empower a shift!

Why Determination Isn’t Enough
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