12.21 Blog Image #1What a crazy few weeks these last ones have been! I set the craziness up for myself— unwittingly, mistakenly— but I’ll take responsibility for it, I accepted more work than I should have, thinking it would be a lighter load. You’ve been in that position, right? Where it feels like there is just too much to do?  Does that sometimes feel like the norm?

What gets me through it can also help you, in those times when life throws in a wrench, or two. Essentially, it’s all about coming back to center.

Check-in with Self

I make sure to start my day with a quick check-in with my Self. I already have a space that is sacred and safe for me to sit at, at which the transition inwards is easy, but you can create that space, or check-in with Self even if you don’t have it. I set the timer for all of 3 minutes and dive inside with a curious, open attitude, ready to discover what is showing up there, what calls my attention, what my Self wants to feel/be/show itself like today. In this time, not only do I get the benefits of regular meditation, I also get insights, inspiration, downloads that help me and illuminate my day.

Setting Intentions

I also start by setting intentions. Mindfully, I run through the activities and to-dos of the day in my mind, stating the intention that I am in flow, completing everything that is important, noticing how time expands and contracts according to my needs.


In the course of the day, I set alarms on my computer to stop me in my work, and I stop between sessions as well. Again, it takes only a couple of minutes, but I do some vibrations-raising, clearing breath-work. There are many possibilities, one example in on my website, another is to simply release tension and strain with my out breath and breathe in clarity and peace. The result is centering.

Clearing / Releasing

At night, before sleep, I do some releasing, so that I am able to fully rest. Yoga has some poses that can help with that, but just brushing my body downwards with the palm of my hand, intending that I clear my energy as I do is a quick way to release.

Short but Powerful

This is just a quick list of possibilities, but the larger point I am making is that none of them takes more than a few minutes to do. I probably spend less than 20 minutes throughout the entire day doing all of this. But I am centered, and centered again, and stress doesn’t have to stick, the way it can.

The biggest challenge is remembering. But that’s what I use technology for— to remind me! But even then, that is not really necessary. The body reminds us. In the tightness of our shoulders, tension in the belly or lower back. We can learn to recognize the signs of stress on our body, and then we can act on them.

Now You12.21 Blog Image #2

I invite you to use the sacred space we create here together to take a moment to check in and make use of this, my last hack for today!  Slow down, quiet down, and take a few, full breaths. Now notice your body, notice where you feel strain or stress or pain. Now, use your consciousness, your intentions, and take your breath to those places, and use it, like a soothing massage. Just be a witness, watch those places and your breath, curious, without judgments. See what changes. And what stays the same. And let that inform you about what is going on and what needs your attention.

What did you notice? Share now, before you lose that insight!

With the turn of the year, it’s a good time to do things differently. Decide that you will return to center more often, that you will listen to your Self more closely and allow it to be more fully expressed. Decide to relish your days. And if you want help getting practical, into how to do it, send me a message and I’ll share some ideas!

 Sunrise photo by johnnyberg

Coming Back to Center
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